Friday, November 11, 2011

Would the real SPG please stand up?

Now I know that probably many of you reading this will know exactly what an SPG is - a Sarong Party Girl (or as some on our island like to call them, a Singapore Party Girl).

Well I'm not writing this for you. I'm writing this for the clueless people I keep speaking to who seem to have no idea what an SPG is when I mention these ladies in conversation. Well come on now, you actually do know what an SPGs is, it's just that you haven't got up on your lingo yet.

According to the phrase SPG or Sarong Party Girl is a "A pejorative term describing local girls who will only go out with Caucasians. The stereotypical “SPG”, as she is usually abbreviated, is extremely tan, and skimpily-dressed."

Or another more visual way of understanding what exactly this SPG species is, is to check out the nation's favourite SPG, Barberella in this short video...

Ahhhh ring some bells now does it?

So where to find these SPGs? Well if you're living in Singapore, unless you've had your head stuck in a hole for well, forever you will know exactly where to find them, and it's usually somewhere where a boozed up Ang Moh (or Caucasian) guy is likely to be talking boring drunk drivel at them before grinding up against them on the dance floor somewhere around Clarke or Boat Quay. Yes if you wait a little longer their tiny dress will become even tinier before too long.

I'm constantly amazed by certain guys who back home who might just about be able to bag a dinner lady are suddenly irresistible to these so-called and quite frankly quite hot "SPGs" - seriously if you think about this in relation to the girls they would bed back home you understand my meaning.

Well with that being the case it's no wonder that  my single Caucasian female friends find it so damn hard to bag a guy when they have to contend with these hot Asian chicks who are happy to put these mainly average (or sometimes below average) guys up on a pedestal. 

OK but so who knows the origins of the SPG? And what's with all this Sarong business anyway?

According to Wikipedia the term "has its fairly innocuous roots  in the late 1940s -early 1950s when Singapore was still ruled by the British" damn it it's out fault again! "British forces socialised very much among themselves, according to their military ranks and status. However there were some instances when specific local guests were invited to social functions hosted by the British. The term 'Sarong Party' came into use to describe social functions which included local invited guests. The sarong is a wrap-around 'skirt' that is part of Malay formal dress popular among local men and women of the time." 

And then just use your imagination to connect the dots.

It is said that SPGs don't even care what the Ang Moh guys look like so long as they are "white". But that's pretty harsh. But is this really true?? Surely there has to be another side of the coin? Are SPGs really just mindless girls fighting tooth and nail to bag themselves an Ang Moh? Or could there actually be more legitimate reasons like they actually find Ang Moh guys funny, witty and rather attractive *GASP*?! 

Well let's hear from some ladies across the Straits in our neighbouring Malaysia to see what they have to say about the use of the SPG term...

So what's my prognosis on this? Well yes stereotypes exist for a reason, but then often we can be right or quite wrong in our judgement. From where I'm standing, purist SPGs definitely do exist but we are probably quick to categorise a whole raft of other innocent ladies who genuinely just fancy and connect better with a bit of Ang Moh guy and are quite selective and modest about the way they go about it. But how do we know which is which? Well, would the real SPG please stand up?


Merlin Stone said...

Very interesting. When are we going to see a video of you giving a talk?

Anonymous said...

Personally I feel there are 2 types of SPGs.

Type 1 SPG is desired by all - White and Asian men, because she has the whole package, brains and body but prefers white men because she has more options. And doesn't need to explain herself.

Type 2 SPG is undesired by Asian men to begin with (overweight, attitude problems etc) but she tends to gravitate towards announcing to the world she is white fetish and prefers to speak negative about Asian men (Asian men can't handle her, Asian men are not romantic enough, not wealthy enough)to justify her fetish. I can't see how by doing all these makes her feel she belongs in the type 1 class.

I honestly feel SPGs did make an impact in the dating scene 10-15 years ago. Back then Ang Moh men were rare and to be seen with one was a pretty good feeling for SPGs.

On top of that, the idea that a local born Singaporean woman dissing local Asian men just made the SPGs even more goddess like.

Fast forward to 2011, with the current influx of the population in Singapore, Asian men need longer direct their woes at the SPGs now that women from other neighboring countries are flocking into Singapore by the thousands.

SPGs who were predominantly local women now have to compete with their foreign Asian lady counterparts for the SPGs role. And with so many more Ang Moh men in Singapore now then before - demand and supply, the SPG hype and glam has lost it's silly significance for good. Thank God.

Sad-angry-lonely men now need not use the SPG tag as an excuse for not being able to attract the local women, they have now the PRC women to play the role of Ang Moh with.

Not every Singaporean women is an SPG, although they do secretly like the idea of the AngMoh boyfriend mythology. But most Singaporean women are smart enough to understand that finding love in Singapore goes beyond the SPG phenomenon, and that if her guy (whether AngMoh or not) really loves her, he will marry her.

I hope this clears things up. I bid you gd day.

NotAngMoh Guy

Ms Demeanour said...

@ Merlin Stone - unlikely that I will be getting on video any time soon but never say never! @ Anonymous - thanks very much for your meaty comment which I found extremely interesting to read. I hear so many different opinions on this and it seems that there is definitely people who sit in the new school of thought and those that are stuck in the old school of thought. My feeling is that things sit probably somewhere in the middle as with most things from what I personally see and hear. But that is just my viewpoint and what I see and hear might be very different to what others see and hear!