My Playlists

Why oh why was I not born a DJ? You can see it now - DJ Ms Demeanour on the ones and twos.   I'm a tad obsessed with good tunage, and almost explode over a good tune when I hear it but yet it never happened for me. I've had  friends who are DJs, boyfriends who were DJs (though Mr C could never quite get the hang of it) and even my step bro is a DJ.

Ho hum I guess I'll just have to be a vicarious DJ instead in this lifetime and content myself with You Tube playlists, going bananas and playing kudos when I hear a good tune being spun.

So for now, I thought I'd share with you my ultimate house masters playlists right here...I hope you like!

Tunage 1

Tunage 2

Tunage 3

Tunage 4