Saturday, July 16, 2011

Singapore's secret society of Pick Up Artists

Don't ask me why but today I happened to be watching an interview with JT Tran, the Asian Playboy and the so claimed World's Greatest Asian Pick Up Artist. Now the whole pick up artist thing is not new to me having once had a flat mate who was one. Yes the book The Game which documents the practices of a secret society of pick up artists was practically his bible.

So anyway I got curious and wondered whether there are Pick Up Artists (PUAs) and devotees of The Game in Singapore. So far all the chat up lines I've experience in Singapore have been pretty pathetic (sorry guys) so I was doubtful.

But low and behold I found a Singapore section of (a site dedicated to advanced pick up artist tactics and techniques) and yes it made for interesting reading.

Anyway the guy that set up this Singapore sub sect - who goes by the name Ice (nice name bro) claims that he is getting into being a pick up artist because he is

1) Looking for true love (yeah right) and

2) Aiming for the 100 lays but that he can't  commit to any girl without achieving 100 lays. And he says he'll add another 20 on to that for good measure. 

Wow talk about life aspirations. NOT! 

So since Ice kicked things off by sharing his "sarges" (think this is basically the term for a PUA's hunting/flirting missions) it seems there are all sorts of aspiring PUA's out there who are busy arranging sarges, sharing details and pointers,  looking for wing men etc. according to what I dug up online.

It's kind of crazy because what a girl might take just to be a regular chat up line is pretty much a science which is played and analysed in the hands of a PUA.

So let's get inside the mind of a Singaporean PUA when trying to pick up a girl in a mall courtesy of Ice. Ice said...

"I was having my lunch at some kind of a higher-end coffee shop...I was sitting at a 4 seats table when all other 3 places were empty. HB8 (the girl) is done ordering and waits for her food, she takes a seat at my table, at the seat which is the furthest from me instantly, a train of IOIs (indicator of interest)start streaming from her she doesn't know what to do with her hands, she's looking for places to look while waiting, she plays on-off with her phone, she plays with her hair heavily, she scratches her face non-stop.

Honestly I'm quite used to it already but still, it's cool to see how they get nervous around me and start not being able to control themselves... This whole thing happens as I'm eating, concentrating on my plate like a starving caveman.

Even though I was aware of everything that was happening on the other side of the table
and even though I was digging her looks and wondering how her breast looks without the white bra she was wearing, It was only a few minutes after she sat down that I was actually starting to think about picking her up.

Then, her food came and she sat back. She took out a pack of tissues from her bag, took one for herself and put the pack on the other side of the table, near me, scratching her face and pulling a hand through her hair instantly after.

I should better chime up and say something or I'll be the lame guy who avoids talking to her and will not be able to open.

Ic3berG: Is this for me?

HB: (blushing to a colour of the curry sauce on her plate) sure you can use it

Ic3berG: oh, that's nice! thank you (taking a tissue and putting it next to me)

so do you usually like to eat here?

Hb: ya! i come here allot for lunch

Ic3berG: yeah, it's like you can divide your life into 2: before and after you tried the food here.
when people come to eat here they usually come back, I really like the food here.

HB: (laughing and smiling)

Ic3berG: so you are working nearby, you come here for your lunch break?

HB: no I'm actually a university student, I live nearby, how about you?

What basically follows is qualification. I was asking her question about her life, job etc.
and she was answering willingly and was trying to ask some questions about me as well.
all the time I was maintaining the frame by having an opinion about everything she says and by trying to to show her why she is cool when she DLV (display low value) herself.

YES, she was actually saying she is boring, not so smart and not interesting.

When I reflect on the conversation, it takes me back to my sticking point - I come off as too high value to her I should DLV myself a bit or DHV less, even though in that set I was not DHVing at all!

One more thing to mention, during the whole conversation she was too spooked to even touch her food, and I knew her comfort levels are just getting lower and lower.  After a few minutes, I decided I better cut off because she is going to associate me with these negative uncomfortable thoughts

Ic3berG: you are actually a really nice person, it would be cool to meet up again some time


Ic3berG: Email?? that's lame I'm not taking your Email... (a smile to calibrate)

HB: ok so it's 9602...

Yes girl you just got PUAed. But guess there are quite a few girls unknowingly falling prey to sarging all over the island. Hell I even found a pick up artist Meet Up group with a date scheduled to go approach women together on Friday night at Vivo City.

But I think guys like Ice need to learn a thing or two from this Aussie guy. He has one of the PUA methods  - push/pull theory - down to a tee. Ladies recognise any of these moves?

Back to Sing now. So I guess the answer is yes, there are PUAs here, and seemingly this trend from the West is picking up here (pun intended). So ladies, here's my challenge to you - can you spot the PUAs? 

And guys I want to know - are there any aspiring or practising PUAs out there?

More importantly, will these PUAs ever satisfy their appetite? 

One thing's for sure, it's a whole other world...


The Asian Playboy said...

Thanks for sharing! Which interview of mine did you watch? :)

David Tian said...

Great to read your perspective! Was sent a link here from a fan who came across your blog through google.

As a guy, I can answer your PUA question to guys in the affirmative. However, as with life, things are more complicated than you might think.

I'm director of a dating academy in Asia. Check out my take on this issue at and at

Best, David

Jet M said...

Interesting take on the scene. Yes, there are quite a number of "pick up artists" in Singapore (or at least some try to be).

I can understand why you might be slightly irked by the fact that guys like us need to learn social skills like it's a "science". It seems unnatural and manipulative.

But I guess the other side to pick up is that we see a problem in our lives and we're willing to put the time, effort and our egos on the line to break out of our comfort zone. Pretty commendable in my opinion.