Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cocktail-tastic at Drink Culture

Are you ready for a cocktail experience that will blow you taste buds and your mind? Yes? Well then there is one place you should be heading for a pretty euphoric cocktail experience whether you live in or have a visit planned to Singapore and that is Drink Culture, at 50/51 Kreta Ayer Road.
This fabulous haven for those who appreciate a perfectly mixed cocktail  (and a damn good martini) in super cool surroundings, was opened a few months ago by the brains behind Bar Stories Ethan Leslie Leong and his his business partner Leonard Low.

And here's the best bit - they got the whole place up and running in 2 weeks. Everything is so well executed you would never be able to tell - from the chic interior to the fresh fruit cocktails that are made with creative flair and near on perfection and everything else inbetween.

I actually loved this place so much that I went back twice in 4 days because the cocktails were soooo good - a rare event in my life. And twice wasn't enough to try everything I wanted - yes it's basically like being a kid in a candy store, but with cocktails replacing the candy.

From the minute you walk in you know it's going to be different experience, with its decadent white-washed interior, intimate feel AND for a refreshing change knowledgeable staff who actually know what customer service is..

By the way can I just say how much I love this guy sitting at the bar looking like he just stepped out of a Night at the Playboy Mansion? Love it!

So if and when you check out Drink Culture - and I strongly recommend that you do as in my opinion it's got to be one of the best bars in Singapore at the moment - then these are some cocktails that I loved that you might like to try..

If you're a fruity person, the passion fruit martini strikes the perfect balance of sweet and tangy and a good one to kick things off with...

If martinis are not your thing, this one which apparently is a favourite with the ladies is an Italian Sour. It's made with the lovely nutty Frangelico and you can have it made with your choice of berries. Of course being a strawberry fiend there was only one choice for me but it was a tough call between that and one of the fresh fruit mojitos.

This one is definitely in the top 2 favourites - the apple and cinnamon martini. I have had a lot of these across Singapore and until I discovered Drink Culture, the one at Mezze9 at the Hyatt occupied the top spot. Not any more though! The beauty of this baby is that it's made with egg white. Now you might be thinking - yuk! Egg white in my martini? I promise you it gives it an incredibly velvety finish like no other that will leave you wanting more.
Now this is the grand dame in my eyes, my number one favourite. If you love chocolate - hell even if you don't really love chocolate, this chocolate flambĂ© martini  will bend your mind it's so good. The beauty of this is because once it has been mixed it is then flamed with a mini blow torch so you get a fantastic combination of hitting a delicately toasted surface first which makes way for the smoothness and taste sensation of the rest of the cocktail underneath. One word: WOW.

Anyway of course there are loads more cocktails and too many for me to mention (or drink) but you can find out more at their Facebook page here.

One word of advice - if you can, snag a seat at the bar. That way you can see Head Mixologist and master at work Ethan in his element making what you've ordered. It's great.

SO here he is the man himself making the chocolate  flambĂ© right here in this video - check out the incredible attention to detail - true artistry.

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