Sunday, January 16, 2011

Size Zero - you ain't no hero (Kenneth Tong)

I don’t know how many of you have been following the Kenneth Tong Size Zero saga over the last couple of weeks. Some of you are probably wondering who on earth Kenneth Tong is.

Well, Kenneth Tong here...

is a pathetic excuse for a person who has been advocating Size Zero, but in particular “managed anorexia”, mainly through his Twitter account with ignorant remarks such as women should “Get thin or die trying” and it is better for a girl to “risk (her) life dieting than be a sub-par by being a plus size”. 

This has sparked a body-image frenzy with various people including major stars like Rihanna blasting him for his claims.

So how or why would someone do this?

This is some 27 year-old idiot born in Toronto to an extremely wealth family and raised in Hong Kong, and who seems to have a very unreal view of the world, with all the traits of a sociopath. He made his pathetic little mark on the public stage on Big Brother 10 so we can see what sort of calibre of person we're dealing with here.

This whole saga begun because this man with a brain the size of a pea feels that fat women are “disgusting” and any woman over size zero is “worthless”. He believes all women should become “managed anorexics” and that anorexia is “just a word”.

So he decided to market a Size Zero pill based on his ridiculous beliefs. Of course he has never really consulted any medical or scientific studies, years of which clearly point in the direction that there is no such thing as “managed anorexia”, that Size Zero can in no way, shape or form be a good thing and that a pill will probably help women fulfil Tong’s mantra of “Get thin or die trying”.

I wonder whether Tong has recently looked at anyone with anorexia? Does he really think that this is the holy grail for women?

But the horrors do not end there. If you want to hear for yourself just how unbelievably truly stupid this person is with his throw-away and unsubstantiated statements , you should listen to an excerpt of his interview with award-winning British journalist Johann Hari here. It is absolutely mind boggling.

In Singapore, as in many countries worldwide, there has been a rise of anorexia cases as more and more teenage girls are brainwashed into thinking it’s either cool or that they have such serious body issues that they can't live with themelves unless they are stick thin.

Well anyone that has ever spent some time with someone that has anorexia will tell you it’s definitely not cool and life ain’t that great when you’re struggling with it.

I sincerely hope that Tong crawls under a stone where he belongs and stays there for life.

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