Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let's get Kinki!

The other day I was really excited to be invited to a tasting by the lovely people at Kinki Restaurant and Bar at Custom House, Collyer Quay. 


I'd been meaning to check it our for a while as it opened around the same time I arrived in Singapore just over a year ago but being a last-minute kind of gal, never seemed to manage to bag a table at the weekend as last minute just won't do it.

Now the reason I've decided I love Kinki is because they do 3 things I love very well. And that's great cocktails, super fresh sushi and sashimi, and black cod all in a very cool, contemporary, urban environment which strikes just the right balance of warmth and attitude with its sassy interior and proper service with a personality.

So let's start off with the cocktails. Yes it was 12.30pm and way too early for a cocktail but with such original cocktails it would be rude not to. And quite frankly once I tried the Japanese Pear Martini...


and Classic Peach Saketini I just didn't care what time of the day it was they were so good.

If you are a sushi and sashimi fan like me, you will love Kinki as they fly top quality seafood and produce direct from Japan about four times a week  and you get a bit more of an imaginative take on things here, for example....

Tai Carpaccio with truffle - this dish is so good you will want to finish off the whole thing yourself. The delicate texture of the Tai combined with the truffle is pretty much orgasmic and will leave you wanting more....and more. This was definitely my favourite and you can't come to Kinki without trying it.

Other must trys are the Foie Gras and Scallop Sushi...

as well as the Baked Scallop Maki, Negi Toro & Gobo Sushin (fatty blue fin tuna) and the Chiraishi Donburi (sashimi on top of rice) set lunch meal if value for money is the order of the day.

But it's not just the sushi and sashimi that's good here. I thought tomatoes might be a strange choice but honestly for a taste of how tomatoes should really taste - i.e. super sweet and tangy - then the Momataro Tomato dish wins hands down.

And even the black cod was no ordinary black black cod. Yes genius -  this combined my love with pomegranate AND miso. Delicious.

Well I don't know what the chef there's been drinking but whatever it is that's made him get kinki, I want some! Also if you're planning on heading down on a Friday or Saturday night, you can take it on to the rooftop bar with stunning views over the Marina Bay district accompanied by a little bit of R&B and hip hop. The perfect end to a perfect evening.
Kinki Restaurant and Bar is at 70 Collyer Quay, Custom House Level 2. For reservations T: 6533 3471, E: or visit their website.

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