Monday, November 8, 2010

The Social Network. Everyone is talking about it... Why?

Is it because…

A. It’s a great movie

B. It beautifully depicts the conception and development of one of the most genius ideas of the 21st century

C. You realise just what a mastermind Mark Zuckerberg is

D. It stars Justin Timberlake

It really depends who you’re asking. Now I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie so if all you have seen in this trailer...well maybe check back after.

I have to say I left the cinema feeling really inspired – even if the story was a little hammed up it made you realise just what an incredible feat Facebook was and still is.

However, much of the movie is apparently fiction and is said to sensationalize the events surrounding Facebook’s founding. For instance, while Zuckerberg did go to a meeting in his pyjamas and get business cards reading "I'm CEO...bitch", he did not conceive the FB idea exclusively to get noticed by the exclusive clubs and hot girls of Harvard. 

What’s more the depiction of a Zuckerberg as a socially awkward, ego-maniac is said to be way off. Hmm he doesn’t sound like a socially awkward ego-maniac in this clip  taking about his feelings towards the book and movie now does he…?

But cinema is art and who believes everything they see on the silver screen anyway???

It’s a good movie, with good acting. Take it with a pinch of salt but please tell me if anyone else find’s Justin Timberlake REALLY ANNOYING?!  

And if you want to delve deeper see what Chasing the Frog has to say about the facts and myths of this movie.

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