Friday, January 7, 2011

Food with a view - Custom House and Fullerton quarter

Time for another food extravaganza! For food with a view a great place to  head down to is the Custom House and Fullerton area.

Lantern Bar @ Fullerton Bay Hotel

If you live in Sing and haven't tried this recently opened bar then I promise the setting won't fail to impress. There is something truly decadent without being OTT about this bar, with its rooftop pool, epic views and just the right level of buzz.

The views are iconic but the cocktails...

Well they might look good but looks can be deceiving! Sometimes a good old fashioned wine is better. This is a great place on a midweek evening for a bite-sized holiday feeling and a chance to recline on a daybed.

Housed in an art deco building, this is a nostalgic little place which is a nice change from all the uber-modern restaurants out there. The Boathouse serves up some great Modern European fare and a  place for seriously good beef! Their Angus Beef with truffled pumpkin was melt-in-the-mouth good.

Food envy struck as I ordered the blue eye cod which was good but nothing can come close to a mean piece of bee.

and last but not least is....

Things started out a little bit shaky with the crispy squid. It arrived while I was at the restroom and the first thing my friend said when I came back was "You're not going to like how these look". Yup she was right! Like wiggly worms, or miniature aliens. They were less crispy more ridiculously crunchy...maybe it's an acquired taste but it was a weird experience eating them.

But the fish in BBQ sauce was out of this world!

And the garlic steamed prawns were super fresh and delicious...

Until next time!

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