Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hilarious ukulele antics

After years of dreaming of playing one,  and walking past a ukulele shop in London's East end, the other week I finally took the plunge and bought myself my very own ukulele.
Now don't worry I'm not about to give you a big fat headache and start hitting you with some of my newbie attempts so you can relax.

When I was looking up some ukulele stuff on You Tube I came across this awesome little dude of a kid - which some of you may have seen on the Internet - who plays the ukulele in the most hilarious, bad-ass way. So if you need a bit of a giggle today, which these vids.

Love this rendition of Obladi Oblada - love the randomness of the lyrics on this one - is he or isn't he singing them? And love the way he looks like he is almost dying singing and playing this towards the end....

And the random little faces he pulls on this version of I'm Yours...

But seriously how young did this kid start??? Berrer...berrer...berrer...AHHHHHHHHHH! Brilliant!

Guess he's got a serious head start over me then - suppose I better get busy practising!

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