Saturday, July 2, 2011

The day dim sum stacked it

I am a definitely a massive dim sum fan, and probably a dim sum snob. Many a weekend is spent sniffing out good dim sum spots but I'm usually too busy stuffing my face and enjoying these little parcels of delight to take photos and blog about it.

But I had a bit of a harsh dim sum wake up call having come back from Hong Kong where we feasted on fantastic dim sum all for a small bill.

I'm always keen to support local establishments in my hood, so feeling in a lazy mood, thought we'd toddle off to the newly opened Stacked Dim Sum Bar at Robertson Quay for lunch.

Having had my fix of traditional dim sum over the last few days, I was keen to try some of the signature fusion dumplings on offer. This is probably all my fault for being a dim sum infidel. 

Anyway I don't usually blog about restaurants that I feel didn't make the grade, but I just felt so disappointed that Stacked seemed to be all about the concept with nice little touches like the below fan and sauce dispensers...

but not much about quality. Plus I was a bit grossed out that it turns out everything we ordered was either fried or deep fried and was truly surprised because when ordering Thai basil beef dumplings, shredded duck dumplings and scallop pesto dumplings I really expected these to be lovely little steamed things bursting with freshness and flavour. To have them any other way seemed to be a major trick missed and a bit of a cop out.

Interestingly I saw that when My Food Odyssey went they tried the traditional dim sum and seemed to find it just as average.

I agree with their sentiments in that this place is confused as to whether they are trying to be a bar or a dim sum restaurant.  If you're a dim sum lover this isn't the place to come for a meal - there are so many better - and better value places to get your dim sum fix.  But if you want a couple of snacks with a beer I guess it'd be fine.

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