Thursday, July 28, 2011

There's something bad in the water - dead bodies

For the pretty safe city that Singapore is,  and it’s REALLY safe I feel compared to London, I have to say I find it’s pretty freaky that bodies have been appearing in actually not just Singapore’s waters - but also a smattering of other places across the island too over the last few months.

So what has been happening recently? 

This is what:

January 15: The body of a man is found in the Kallang River. His fist is clenched. WTF?

February 15: A body of a 50 year old woman was found lying in a pool of blood in an apartment. The woman was at her former flat in Yun Ping Rd (nobody knows why) and found with four stab wounds. A man has been arrested in connection with the murder.

April 16: A body of a 28 year old man was found floating in the sea off Sentosa island, stuffed inside a trolley.  A 44 year old businessman was later charged with the victim’s murder. The two men were understood to have been in a close relationship though it transpired at the victim’s wake that he had never mentioned his murderer before.

May 16: The body of a 30 year old Indonesian maid was found in the water tank of an apartment block in Woodlands. Apparently the residents became suspicious when the water which came out of their taps  “was slightly yellowish and unnaturally foamy”. Although residents were reported to hear screams and a loud argument in the morning, nobody called the police. Residents were worried about water contamination and offered a $10 compensation.

June 4: A 64 year old man was murdered in Ang Mo Kio park by an 18 year old youth. The weapon of choice was an umbrella. It is not as yet known why.

June 20: Half a corpse was found in Bedok reservoir. The decomposed lower body found is believed to be a 23 China national working in Singapore.

June 22: The second body in a week to be found floating in Singapore’s waterways - the body of an 83 year old man in Punggol river. Investigations are ongoing.

July 1: The body of a 49 Chinese woman was found floating under the Helix Bridge. Investigations are ongoing.

July 2: A set of skeletal remains were found in Tanah Merah forest by two land survey staff. Investigations are ongoing.

July 2: A 21 year old Singaporean was found dead in her room in the budget Min Wah Hotel in Geylang.

July 3: The second time in three days a body was found in Singapore’s waters – a man believed to be in his 30s found in the water off Harbourfront Walk. Investigations are ongoing.

July 5: The decomposed body of a 36 year old female property agent was found in Clementi Woods. Her housemate has been charged with the murder.

July 12: A body was found at Serangoon Reservoir. Investigations are ongoing.

July 24: A body, believed to be that of an elderly Chinese man was found at Lower Seletar Reservoir. Investigations are ongoing.

I know I’m not the only one to think that things could be amiss here. Here’s hoping we’ve had our fill for the year.


Kuen said...

I didn't even know there were so many dead bodies found!!! I only remembered 4 cos it was just a week apart that they were found. I actually feel Singapore is less of a safer place than before.

Ms Demeanour said...

Yeah I know that's why I decided to write the post! Because there was that whole spate of ones which happened quite close to each other but people forgot that there were others earlier in the year. When you see them all in one place it's pretty eerie.