Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tapas time

I love tapas and when not one but two tapas places opened their doors in Singapore within two months of each other, I was pretty excited while at the same time reminding myself that they could just fall into the mediocre pile.

But yippee they didn't! They both landed in the authentic pile, lucky for us. First up here's...

Sabio Tapas Bar

Of the two, this is my favourite. Though French-owned, when I spied the Jamon (ham) proudly presented on the counter with a dedicated Jamon cutter I realised then that we could be onto something good here - and that's coming from a non-ham eater.
Anyway I love the buzziness of this recent addition to Duxton Hill with it's cosy and cool interior complete with a traditional long tapas bar as the centrepiece.
As you do with tapas places, we ordered a whole host of things - all of which were really tasty, fresh and flavoursome. But my personal favourites were the big fat juicy scallops cooked in a a creamy wine sauce and then the prawns and squid below. I was so excited to finally have some good tapas I got carried away and only took the photo half way through - sorry about that!
Sabio Tapas Bar is at 5 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089591, Tel: + 65 6223 4645. Check out their Facebook page here

Now on to...

La Cicala 

This restaurant's interior gives it a more sophisticated feel and it's great to see the chefs at work up at the back...
What I loved about La Cicala is that there were some different takes on tapas on the menu which is always refreshing . Some of the dishes I loved here were the grilled vegetables stuffed with manchego cheese (yum all melted and gooey!) and the lamb skewers...
the grilled octopus...
and the beef stew - note the cute little serving dishes..

La Cicala is at 49 Club Street, Singapore, 069426, Tel: +65 6534 8812.

Mmmmm time for a tapas sensation? I think so!

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