Tuesday, September 27, 2011

F1: Highlights from the Singapore Grand Prix

Well when I say highlights, I mean my own personal highlights as clearly I couldn't split myself into five and tell you what all the highlights were - though I wished I could have! So here we go.

Day 1

I was very excited that the race weekend was going to kick off with a DJ set by Massive Attack aka Daddy G (who by the way I can not believe is 52!!) and 3D.
Yes in all my years of loving Massive Attack I'm ashamed to say I've never seen them live. But now I really don't care as it was totally worth the wait - they were amazing! In true Singapore style everyone was sitting down politely at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre appreciating the music and nodding their heads until a few of us broke out and rushed down to the stage and started giving them the love they deserve.

Needless to say everyone else followed and before we knew it we were all getting down in one big sweaty mess.  Dropping in all time classics like Teardrop and Angel and more recent work like Paradise Circus which I caught on this video. Please excuse the screaming girls in the background - I think they got confused and thought they were at the Rick Astley concert which was the following night.

Having teased us with a sample from Unfinished Sympathy at the beginning which went something like this...

I was in heaven when they finished with the all time classic at the end. And yes I was too excited by this point to video it! In any case how stunning does Singapore look in the background?! Let's just admire it again here...
To top it all, during the musical journey some incredible fireworks starting going off by Marina Bay Sands. All in all one of my all time favourite music memories.

Day 2

The Qualifiers - well what can I say we were very lucky to have incredible seats for this, 3 rows back right opposite the pit lane. Yes we could see all the action! Having worked at last year's Singapore F1 I wasn't that fussed about this year, until I sat down in these seats and then I could hardly breathe. Now I understand that all you people out there saying "I'd rather watch it on TV" probably haven't seen it for real. Yes you only see the cars race by you like a flash just like this*

BUT the noise, the atmosphere and the excitement coupled with good seats where you can actually see into the pits is an experience second to none.

Then of course the evening had to an end with a party at the Podium Lounge at the poolside of the Ritz Carlton.
 It was the perfect end to a thrilling evening and obviously my male friends were even more thrilled at the fact this included a swimwear fashion show by Silvian Imberg.

Day 3

Yes it was race night, but I have to admit I was pretty burnt out. So Mr C took it for the team and went along to see the cars line up on the start line. Yes a lame effort by me but looks like I peaked too soon and besides -  there's always next year!

*With thanks to Major Stephanie for her incredible iPhone video skills and catching the cars on camera!

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