Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Guild by Grey Goose - a clandestine fashion showcase

You know when Grey Goose vodka puts it's name to something it's going to be good. So I jumped at the chance to attend The Guild by Grey Goose at The White Rabbit last week where local fashion talents Resham Melwani, Wykidd Song and Time Taken to Make a Dress showcased pieces inspired by Grey Goose.

I couldn't have thought of a better location than the former chapel, The White Rabbit, which was turned into a magical land all lit up with blues and adored with sheer white draping.

Sadly this was day one of my diet restriction therapy so no Grey Goose for me - it was all I could do to ignore the voices in my head whispering at me to just have one sip of the lovely Grey Goose cocktails that were beckoning to me from the bar. Missy K's Cosmopolitan almost touched my lips before I realised what was happening!

Now onto the show. Though all three collections were inspiring in different ways, I have to say for me I fell completely in love with Wykidd Song's collection. I'm a bit boho at heart so his collection for the modern Bohemian in colours of gold, forest green, graphite grey, apricot, pearl and ivory in draped silk organza, wispy chiffon layered over brilliant sequins completely stole my heart away. And Mr C could not get enough of the edgy men's summer suits in graphic prints. Other than that, I have to admit that a piece of me that also loves the fact that Wykidd studied in my hometown of Kingston in the UK.

I loved the concept behind Resham Melwani's Flesh and Wine, where she explored the softness of skin and rich depths of wine through fabrics and palettes.

In quite stark contrast was the collection by Time Taken to Make a Dress - Life Cycle, which charted the sequential metamorphosis of textile & string.

The showcase ended with an explosion of silver and blue speckles from above....

But things didn't end there as the dresses that were specially commissioned by Grey Goose are up for auction to benefit UN Women Singapore at www.ctglobalstore.com/unifem until 4th November.

Photo credits: All images courtesy of Grey Goose. 


Luesong said...

Wish i can see it live but my eyes were already glamorized by your post...Love it~!! Thanks

Ms Demeanour said...

Glad I could take you there to feel the glamour if only virtually this time! :)