Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cocktail Challenge at La Maison Du Whiskey

What's that I hear you say? A cocktail challenge at La Maison Du Whiskey? But surely you must be mistaken!

Yes La Masion Du Whiskey is of course the place for well, you guessed it, an incredible selection of whiskey, but those who are after something other than the big W will not be disappointed as the bartender Tron has a few surprises up his sleeve in the form of cocktails too.

Before you launch into the cocktail challenge, ease into things with a cocktail off the menu.  I tried the Passiflora which was quite a tangy taste sensation made with Gabriel Boudier Saffron Gin (yes with hints of Saffron no less!)...

and passion fruit, lemon and sugar. And here it is...

If you do want to go down the whisky route, as my newbie friends did, Tron will adeptly recommend something that won't offend your sensibilities which will leave even the most sceptical of first time whiskey drinkers pleasantly surprised.

Now on to the cocktail challenge. So the idea here is that you bring in any ingredient - and yes that's anything apart from cigarettes and Durian (lessons learned the hard way from when the challenge was first introduced) and Tron will dream up and make a cocktail for you.

A perfect time for improvisation and unless you come prepared (like I will do next time) luckily you have a 7-Eleven just across the way so help is at hand. Our ingredients of choice were therefore:
- 1 x packet of Worther's Originals
- 1 x packet of Skittles (Wild Berry flavour)
- 1 x packet of Pocky Almond Crush Bitter chocolate sticks

I do not blame if you reaction to this is "blurgh!". But actually we were pleasantly suprised.

And here's what the results were ....

In third place was our Worther's Original cocktail:

Made with a Worther's or two crushed up like so....

and Creme de Cacoa Blanc, Hazelnut Liquor, Creme de Menth and cream. 

This one we discovered was actually great served over one of their signature HUGE cubes of ice, much like you would a White Russian. 

In second place was our Pocky cocktail:

Made with cocoa powder, rum, cram and vanilla syrup served over Pocky sticks, this is one for all chocolate lovers out there..

 And looks rather handsome too don't you agree?

In first place was our Skittles cocktail:

Made with crushed up Skittles...

fresh raspberries and blueberries, liquor de pomme verte and lemon juice basically this was like a sexed up sooped up packet of Skittles and pretty legendary!

We concluded that Tron certainly won the Cocktail Challenge!

Cocktail challenge aside, as well as being a great spot for a tipple or two - you can pull up a pew right at the bar and watch your drinks being made, marveling at the hundred of bottles which line the walls.  

The interior has an intimate vibe with soul legends playing in the background - a great place to escape the sports crowds of neighbouring Harry's and Hannibals. Or you can sit outside and chose to people watch the world of Robertson Quay pass you by. 

La Maison Du Whisky is at 80 Mohammed Sultan Rd, #01-10 The Pier@ Robertson Quay, Singapore 239013
T: 6733 0059, 
Open Noon-Midnight, closed on Sunday; For more information see their website here

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