Saturday, December 24, 2011

London through a lens

Amidst the madness of the panic-stricken, last-minute Christmas shoppers who yesterday were expected to be spending at the rate of 1 million pounds a minute (official figures by Visa - I kid you not!), the cold and the rain, there was one smashing blue-skied Winter's day during my trip back to London where I decided to do the opposite of what I would do in Singapore and be a tourist.

Coming back from Singapore makes you see things with fresh eyes and from a totally different perspective. This means that sometimes you see the bad but equally it can mean that you see the good in technicolour. This particular day was one of those days and so I decided to get snappy happy and share the results here....

London's iconic skyline with the London Eye and The Houses of Parliament

View out from the National Theatre

Urban scenes around the National Theatre

View over the River Thames to St Paul's Cathedral

Take a View: Landscape Photographer of the Year 2011 at the National Theatre, some of my favourites from a stunning exhibition highlighting beauty throughout the UK...

Somerset House, 20 Years of Dazed and Confused Magazine exhibition

and the ice rink...

as well as it's lesser known parts...

Making merry and feasting at Convent Garden Market

The Wintry sun descending over Green Park

and St James's Park

The beauty of bare towering trees

A heavy task for this Horse Guard

The sun setting at 3.30pm over the Gurkha War Memorial 

And finally one of the very few remaining original carousels working it's magic charm along the South Bank

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