Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Skip the malls - indie rules OK at Threadbare & Squirrel

I am sooo bored of people telling me that they don't like the shopping in Singapore - that it's all same same. That it's all the same. Nothing original. No creativity. Blah blah yadda yadda. If people bothered to go exploring then they would realise that this is just not true. So I've decided to selectively start featuring some of the spots I hold dear to open people's eyes to some of the little gems out there.

The first being...Threadbare & Squirrel!

This is one of the first shops I stumbled across in Singapore which made me realise that all was not lost. There's something about the way the owners Val & Adrian (who I've come to rather love) not only adeptly pick out interesting, quirky, stylee and original items but also they make their own stuff too, including a lot of their fixtures and fittings in their new shop for which they have gone on mad missions to secure the raw materials to make them with.

Threadbare & Squirrel position themselves as a place that's for a wholly different crowd who dare to dress themselves. Where designers, artists, independent thinkers and aspiring fashionistas can delight in some pretty nifty stuff and I could not agree more.

Following the success of their first outlet on Haji Lane they've upsized to just round the corner on North Bridge Road in a a bigger conservation shophouse.

This is a shop I know that whenever I enter, I will leave with something. There's always something different to pique your interest. And of course when I went to the new store launch a couple of weeks ago there were a lot of "Ooooooooohs" escaping from my mouth.

I can not possibly outline all the things that made me go "Ooooooh" but here are just some of them.

1. The store interior

It's light and breezey with cool pieces of interest like this awesome little typewriter pictured below to leave your mailing details on and these fab hand made ceiling lamps...

Oh and there's even a little spot where you can grab yourself a coffee before or after all that mooching. Nice!

2. Cool watches

There's too much emphasis in Singapore on boring designer watches to my liking. Why would you pay a massive price tag for something that looks the same as what everyone else has got just because it has the word Chanel on it when you could scoop up something totally awesome like a NOOKA watch? Coming at ya from the New York fashion design company these watches are both cool and innovative.

3. Josie Chen accessories

I have to admit I'm a newbie to Josie Chen but now that I've found her, we're going to be inseparable. A little bit fierce and rebellious yet feminine, I can totally identify with her designs. Well she's originally from the UK and instantly fell in love with Asia so there might be a reason why. The bracelet pictured below got a major "Ooooooh" and also a place in my accessories drawer.

4. Cute clutches

There is something about these crafty handmade Wishful Thinking clutches that I just love and you can see why.

5. Dresses with a little bit of je ne sais quoi

If in another world I was a lemming who was happy to be like someone else, I wouldn't give two hoots about the dresses by local label Young & Restless. But thankfully I'm not a lemming.

6. Awesome socks

Look, I'm a Brit ok? I've got a lasting obsession with socks  because that's what happens when you come from cold climes. A drawer full of black socks - no thanks! A drawer full of Happy Socks? Yes please!

7. Kool threads for guys 

Fear not because guys you have not been overlooked! Amongst the men's collection you will find Wander Wonder for functional clothes with a cool twist...

Threadbare & Squirrel is at 660 North Bridge Road (entrance of Bali Lane), Sing 199797. Opening hours Mon - Thurs: 12 - 9pm, Fri - Sat: 12 - 10pm, Sun: 12 - 9pm.

For more delights check out their website here and their Facebook page here


L said...

Yeah~ Totally agree!!

Actually there IS a shop in the mall that is rather unique to shop too.

Chotas @ Illuma,Bugis!! Not sure if any one notice~ I love that shop! kinda Japanese influenced fashion, designed by the shop owner himself!

Ms Demeanour said...

Oooh thanks for the tip LL. Will check it out! :)