Friday, January 13, 2012

The cuddle party comes to Singapore!

The other day I was invited to a cuddle party. Say what? What's a cuddle party? In Sing? I hear you all wonder.

We all know every now and then all we need is a good cuddle. And to get the whole concept of a cuddle party first you need to understand why human touch is so important.  Every now and then all you need is a good hug, but in today's crazy world though surrounded by people everywhere some people can go without human touch for days, weeks or in some cases months.

That makes me feel sad just thinking about it.

Being "touched" on a regular basis is important as a way to feel connected to others and bond for sure. But did you know that it can also reduce anxiety by making us feel more secure, and can even lower your blood pressure? It's also important to give our brains the sensory stimulation it craves and helps us to keep a positive attitude.

So cue the cuddle party (or cuddle puddle as it's sometimes known as!) making its way over from the States.

The cuddle party is a social event enabling those attending to share affectionate touch in a no-expectation, no pressure and friendly environment according to their needs, desires, interests and very importantly boundaries. But before you get, erm, excited, this is a non-sexual thing.

OK OK but what exactly goes on inside a cuddle party? Let's follow a first timer cuddle party goer and her journey from her misconceptions to the real deal and find out just that in this video...

So what do you think...could cuddle parties take off in Singapore? Is Singapore in need of some good old cuddle therapy? At the moment, cuddle parties are by private invite only, so you need to know someone in the know. Keep an open mind and you never know, an invitation might be extended to you at sometime in the future too!


kirsten said...

This sounds really interesting! I can be really touchy-feely sometimes so it sounds like a fun plan to me, to be in a safe space where it's not awkward to ask for a hug or to hold hands. The toe thing is a bit weird, though, but mostly 'cos I instantly imagine it being ticklish.

Amanda Silver said...

I think that these cuddle parties can also be seen as a special therapy for lonely souls... and if a lonely soul stays inside a popular person, there is also needed a cuddle party :)

Ms Demeanour said...

Hi Kirsten, the beauty about if you find the toe part ticklish would be that you can say yes....or no in this space and feel comfortable about it! :)

Hi Amanda - I agree I think it would be great therapy for a lonely soul. I remember when my mum was along for the longest time after I left, I used to try and give her lots of cuddles to make sure she would still feel connected to someone. She seemed to shrink away without that touch.

Amanda Silver said...

I'm glad that you found that way to show her that you care and I'm sure your mum became stronger with every cuddle of yours... I was thinking that the human being survives only with good and positive feelings :)

Ms Demeanour said...

It's true Amanda - positive feelings and energy go a long way and a cuddle is a perfect vehicle for that :)