Friday, January 6, 2012

Stray dogs in Singapore? Yes..and they need saving!

Stray dogs in Singapore? Yes we have stray dogs in Singapore and over the last month they have been much talked about. The dogs were flung into the limelight because on 14 Dec, a jogger was attacked by a pack of stray dogs along the Punggol Waterway Park.

Though extremely unfortunate as an attack like this is, it has thankfully actually served to highlight the issue and plight of these dogs.

Yes once upon a time the previously forested areas of Punggol New Town were home to hundreds of dogs. Over the years deforestation taking place to make way for urban development has destroyed their habitat leaving them with nowhere to go.

And because of urban development to date about 30 stray dogs have been caught. No wonder these poor dogs are feeling a little jumpy! Your home destroyed beneath your would you feel?

Anyway according to Action for Singapore Dogs there are at least 100 dogs in the area. But fret not there is currently a campaign under way to rescue the dogs by the name Save the Punggol Dogs. But where do all these dogs go if they get rescued? 

Anyone that has ever visited the dog shelters in Singapore knows that these are bursting to the brim and so the race is on to find proper homes for these dogs, which will also please those who are concerned about public safety. 

This is Pumpkin

Sadly stray dogs often fall pray to common misconceptions. I've spent many a time chilling next to stray dogs around Asia - and all those which I have encountered have been incredibly docile, affectionate animals. Not the "mad, unpredictable types" you might have been forewarned about but something more adorable like this one.... 

Introducing Alva 

As an owner of an adopted dog (though not a stray - the one I connected with at the shelter at the time was not ready to be re-homed), the plight of these dogs really strikes a chord with me and so here is something I wrote which I hope will help you empathize and take action...

An Ode to the Stray Dogs Of Punggol

I don’t know how I ended up here
Paying the penance for someone else’s inconsiderate actions
Lonely I wander, the product of irresponsible breeding
In this place I once called my home

But if this is home, I long for a new one
These were once forests so familiar to me
They are now strange and hostile and I am so scared
Strange things are happening, dogs are disappearing, and I feel deep despair

Each night I cry myself to sleep, for I feel my life slipping away as I dream
I feel so weak, will I survive I dare to wonder to myself?
I’m sick of baking in the heat, hoping that the rain will come and release me
Each day I rummage in the bin, hoping that some scraps will sooth my aching stomach, but it is never enough…how long will it be before I starve?

I dream that someone will open up their heart and take care of me
That they will look into my eyes and see my gentle soul and personality
And all the warmth and affection I have to give
I dream that instead of shouting or throwing a stone at me
That they will see my innocence and soothe my fears away

When the men come to take the others away I say to myself
“I’m not a demon – I’m a dog.”
How I long to be looked in the eye with a smile, stroked and loved
How I long to be in the warm bosom of a family
But sometimes I feel like my time will never come
Is there someone?

 If you or someone you know would like to give one of the Punggol dogs a loving home see below for more information...
The campaign is also looking for volunteers to help distribute adoption flyers to reach more potential adopters. Fore more information see the Save the Punggol Dogs website here.

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