Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fake monk alert!

When I first moved to my neighbourhood I soon after got approached 3 times in a matter of hours by monks asking for alms. The same thing happened about a month later. And guess what yes today it happened again today! 3 asks in 3 hours in just over 3 months.

Now I am not usually a suspicious type but I am started feeling curious and googled it today. Because I'm wondering why do I ONLY see them down the way from where I live where it is very popular with tourists.

So lo and behold I find that back in 2007 in Sing there was some major bust of "fake monks". Apparently there was a whole load of bogus monks and nuns who make their way from northern Thailand in and out of Singapore for quick pickings. Back then there was apparently as many as 20 or 30 of them out on these rounds at any one time.

If I keep seeing these monks how many more of them are there and does this mean that the scam is back? Hmmm I think maybe so.

And if they're not collecting for a temple then what?

A life time's supply of KFC??

 Or a spanking new car???


eunice said...

wow this is interesting :P I also encountered
suspicious-looking monks selling me talisman. One just appeared out of no where when I was leaving the office in the evening. I got a shock as he appeared behind me and there wasn't anyone around!

On a lighter note, not all monks have to be vegetarians, some can eat meat. From what I understand, those who learn martial arts (from Shaolin) can eat meat. And some are "temporary" monks.

Anyway, we really got to be careful to fall into any "bogus-monk" trap! :S

Ms Demeanour said...

Hi Eunice, thanks for dropping by. :)

I thought I was alone on the fake monk thing but now it's all coming out of the woodwork! Interesting fact about the vegetarian/non-vegetarian aspect. But I am intrigued - what does it mean to be a temporary monk?

At least we are wise the the fake monk ways and can warn others! :)

Anyway do drop by again and if you like my blog feel free to sign up for updates. :)

Anonymous said...

real monk/nun will never ask, will stand silently.