Tuesday, October 12, 2010


OK so I know I said that I was done with the backlog but then I came across these photos just now and I had to share with you.

As you might know I volunteer with Action for AIDS Singapore, helping them with their fundraising & awareness. I went for a meeting with their Fundraising Exec (FE) on my birthday morning - we're at a crucial stage for a big event to support their Women's Programme on the 30th of this month - Loving the Paper Plates and the Silver Screen.

I had literally stepped foot in the office when I was told the FE had resigned and walked out!! Yes the person who told me even swore on her life!

Then the Chief Exec came in to elaborate that the FE was feeling really under pressure and stressed out as the President had said that she had to raise 1m by the end of the year. Hmmmm the bells should have started ringing then!

Blah blah on it went and then boom! "Would you take over the role?" With only a 3 weeks to go until the event I was thinking "crap crap crap!".

Staying calm on the outside but mind doing cartwheels then guess what! Yup you guessed right the FE & rest of the AfA crew burst in with song, cake and flowers!

Oh and by the way it was the Chief Exec's birthday that day too - he should have got an Academy Award for his superb acting!

Anyway got to say it's the best I've ever been stitched up to date. 10 out of 10 for effort and skill. As Mr C sees it it apparently shows how much they value me as a volunteer. Thanks guys and also to the lady J who took these photos!


Anonymous said...

It was funny :)


Anonymous said...

great blog !

Ms Demeanour said...

Thanks guys glad you like. Jess check out my Fake Monks post for another laugh :)