Monday, October 11, 2010

Bringing you up to speed - Asian art and the art of doggy sterilization

Right seeing as I have been back peddling a bit I'm going to bring you right up to speed with events of the last few days so I can blog as stuff happens...phew!

So for all your culture vultures out there, you might have heard me missing the UK art scene over here. Well finally got a bit of a culture fix on Sunday thanks to my friend Elaine who bagged us a couple of tix to The Contemporary Asian Art Fair.  Yes finally there was something that inspired, intrigued, moved and sometimes disgusted! And it even had some of the usual crazy gallery owners! Not quite Frieze Art Fair but not a million miles away either...

OK change the reel, fast forward, it's Monday morning and time to give beloved Reishii our adopted dog. Some of you will know that lovely Reishii here recently discovered he was a boy shortly after we adopted him. How many of you have had a dog try to hump your leg? It's quite funny the first time but subsequently it gets a bit scary (especially when their lipstick is glaring at you if you get my meaning). You start hiding from them in your own house because you never know when the next strike will be.

So we did the dirty and got his "you know whats" removed from  his you "know whats" sack. What remains looks pretty pathetic and even worse he has to wear this round his head a la Queen Elizabeth but he hardly looks regal. But he's good and fighting fit while he's not looking like the HMV dog and being plied with various doggy medicine. Ah it's a dog's life!

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