Monday, October 11, 2010

When it rains it pours!

No I'm not talking about the weather in Sing, last week I not only celebrated my 30th birthday, but then boom! Our 2 year anniversary. Wa wa wee wah! So where to begin!?

Birthday finally got to have a squiz at the oh la la Marina Bay Sands sky tower courtesy of Ku de Ta. On silly floor way up high (but lift took literally seconds) opposite to its beach loving sister in Bali, this baby overlooks the sweeping metropalis this is Singapore.

Soooo wanted to get in the infinity pool overlooking the skyline but that will be for another time. We washed down the view with a lush lychee cocktail before heading out for some dins as was HUNGRY!

So decided to check out Custom House and stumbled across the super yummy The Pierside at One Fullerton. Food was super good especially the melt in your mouth lamb but why is it we ALWAYS sit next to the people who have nothing to say to each other!? Couple on the right were on their phones all evening (this is a nice restaurant - what a waste of a good meal and money) and the guy looked like he wanted to jump into his martini and drown! Why bother? Always makes for an amusing night when you are the evening's entertainment because of other people's personality failure.

Hmmm as this is my first entry while I'm writing I'm thinking I'm going to make a "When it rains it pours II" so you can find out what we did on the 2 year mark!


Elaine said...

Hey babe you beat me to the big launch!! HA! love the squiggly bits in the back ground - reminds me of that chick's work in "Nondon".
Come over and check me out!

Thea said...

Hello Blogger Stone! We are quite intrigued to read your 2 year mark so get tappin'. Do you think we should make our own blog? Life in the countryside of Surrey & ghettos of Hackney?! Happy belated Birthday mate! Love Bel & Hat xoxoxo

Ms Adventure said...

Hey Hat & Bel well bash out some more today. You can now sign up to e-updates. Yeah I want to see a country & ghettos one please! Thanks for the bday wishes xxx

Ms Adventure said...

Hey Elaine you were my inspiration as it made me get off my butt and do this. Gonna add your blog to my list of faves :) x