Thursday, October 21, 2010

Holy smoke!

It’s been mighty hazy the last couple of days.  This morning, I woke up and couldn’t even see the sky….or the sun! 

The smog is caused by forest fires and slash and burns on Sumatra Island, Indonesia and is making its way over to now not so sunny Singapore and hanging over us like a heavy blanket.

The National Environment Agency of Singapore is saying "Persons with existing heart or respiratory ailments should reduce physical exertion and outdoor activity.”

Damn. What am I going to do, stay inside all day?

Get over it Stone. What about the people of Sumatra who are currently chocking on carbon dioxide?

They endure this because plantation managers and farmers use fires to make way for new plantings, fires which can and do spread all too easily. In dry years, the fires can last for months and have previously amounted to more than 10 percent of global pollution.

Good old Singapore has offered to help put out the fires so let’s get busy please! But how about someone help out longer-term with some sustainable farming methods?

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