Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wedding bells are ringing...or maybe not yet

Before you get all excited this has nothing to do with me. 

What I'm talking about is a few occasions in Singapore, at strange times of the day or week, when I have seen what seems to be a happy glowing bride and groom getting their wedding photographs taken.

What’s so strange about that, you might ask?

Well these guys aren’t having their ACTUAL wedding photographs done, nor are they on some wedding photo shoot for a magazine.

They are having their pre wedding photographs done.


Yup in Singapore I’ve learnt it is normal to have PRE and ACTUAL wedding day photography.

So this means people are getting all dressed up in their wedding gear, sometimes accompanied by their wedding entourage, and even throwing the bouquet, as if they are already married but before the big day.

Call me cynical but isn’t this slightly jinxing things?

What if you’ve had all these beautiful photos taken and then the guy gets cold feet?  Or the girl suddenly realises he’s not the one? What use is a bunch of pre-wedding day photographs then? Or maybe they stop you from getting the jitters as it’s already cemented in photography if not at the alter?

I guess it is not bad luck in Singapore for the groom to see their bride-to-be in her wedding dress before the wedding day then!


christine said...

That IS very true. My friend's Bride called off the wedding. and what remained on his profile pic on FB was their wedding photo (pre but of course). Thanks for dropping by my blog, its nice to read blogs about singapore by a non-singaporean. You see things that i don't :) Yes,i've watched Pleasure Factory but i didn't quite understand what the role of the main actor is though. Like why is he there? Is he in love with the hooker or??

Ms Demeanour said...

Oh goodness so there are real life cases! That's sad for those people. Dropped a comment by your post to finish off the Pleasure Factory conversation. :) Glad you like the blog. I was inspired by all the wonderful Singapore bloggers out there!