Sunday, October 24, 2010

How to beat a bad mood in Singapore

Do you ever get into a bit of weird one? Maybe a few things happen that make that bad mood creep up on you and then you can’t shake it?

Well I re-discovered two methods to do shake that fug off at the weekend.

I don’t know about you but for me achieving this usually this means a complete change of scenery. If you are cooped up in the city, then you probably either need to get out of the city, go somewhere that feels like you ARE out of the city without going anywhere, or immerse yourself in a make-believe world.

So how to do this in Singapore?

Here’s how…

Method No. 1

Get down to your local karaoke joint (K Box Lucky China Town), convince the staff there to let you have a room for an hour, queue up a list of Madonna, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, Bryan Adams, Meatloaf, Whitney and other songs you could only sing full blast in a padded cell. Make like a diva, belt them out and jump around like a jack-in-a-box. If you really need a boost then whack in some simulated applause and cheers every now and then.

    Also randomly this is where I discovered that you can actually study to become a professional dealer in a casino! 


    Method No. 2 
    Get to somewhere with lots of greenery. Back home this would have meant jumping in the car and driving out to the country. Here in Singapore that’s one luxury we don’t have. So for those in Singy try heading over to Rochester Park, North Border Bistro Bar to be exact and soak up the relaxed colonial vibe in lush tropical surroundings. Finish off with some Mexican/American comfort food.

        Or make like Mr C and just go stir crazy!

        So I guess everyone has a way to shift that bad mood. What’s your strategy?

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