Thursday, October 28, 2010

If you’re going to try and scam me, at least get the spelling right

This morning, I received this SMS telling me I’d won $20,000.

Congratulations your simcard winner GRANDPRIZE $.20000 from COMPONY PETRONAS. Please contac office petronas centre +628139912722.


Obviously I was immediately suspicious as who the hell tells you have won $20,000 via SMS?

But then who the hell tells you this who can’t even spell "company" or “contact” right. It sounds like some demented Latin American wrote this. Even though apparently this scam originated in Malaysia.

I’ve had a few people try to scam me but this has to take the biscuit for not making it anywhere near over the first hurdle.             


Vanilla said...

im so embarassed to tell u, th ephone number is indonesian number, my country.HAHHAHAHHA
i just saw ur blog, love it! keep it up!:)
im sooo checking out teh wild honey. been having like almost the same boring breakfast everyday

Ms Demeanour said...

Hey Vanilla...thanks for dropping by. Haha I thought it was from Malaysia! Never mind it's not your fault ;). Glad you like the blog. :) Maybe you can get some inspiration from wild honey...breakfast is the new dinner!