Sunday, October 31, 2010

How it feels to see yourself on the silver screen – the things we do for charity.

If you’ve ever seen yourself on the screen you’ll know it’s a bizarre experience. You don’t look or sound how you think you will, you home in on funny mannerisms, think your chin looks big. Basically it’s pretty excruciating for most people.

A couple of weeks ago I agreed to do a testimonial for Action for AIDS Singapore for my volunteer work. I didn’t really think about the end result – I just said yes.

This weekend it was aired at their community charity and movie event in front of 100 people. I was busy talking with friends when I heard this loud voice booming out.

One I recognised oh so well…mine!

It was bloody scary when I looked up and then saw my face talking at me!

I wondered whether this is why famous people end up being so screwed up? The fact that they have to go through this experience all the time. Or maybe they really LOVE it! I can’t say I identify with that sentiment. Once was enough for me  - I would definitely need some sort of therapy if this was a regular occurrence in my life.

Anyway, watch this clip and then imagine it blown up on a movie screen (my bits are sprinkled in between other Volunteer testimonials), then imagine it is YOU watching YOU. 

If you want to keep watching this is Part II...
I think this concludes that some people will do anything for charity. And that definitely means me!

But I guess if someone doesn’t stand up and lend their voices to the causes they care about, nobody will.

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