Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Murder in Singapore - Young Lives Wasted

We’re used to hearing of Halloween murders in the US and the UK, but in Singapore?

We are often reminded here that “Low crime doesn’t mean no crime” but youth killings?

Yes, they happen even in Singapore and the last incident was this Halloween, just a few days ago.

A 19 year old by the name of Darren Ng Wei Jei was slashed to death by a group of teenagers armed with choppers after a stare-out at entertainment complex Downtown East. Apparently onlooking shopkeepers thought it was a Halloween prank. He later died in hospital.

If people believe youth gangs don’t exist in Singapore, I think they might be mistaken after this incident.

4 of the boys have been caught already. The case has been recognised as a murder which carries the death penalty.

What a waste of young lives over “staring”. Kids might feel stronger in a group, but no matter where they are they’re clearly more stupid.


Elaine N said...

This is freakin scary. You know Downtown east is like a family sort of place, where you can stay in chalets (like little motel rooms), and generally spend the weekend there with your family having a bbq and hanging out. Now people are getting MURDERED there?!! what's wrong with people nowadays? Grr.

Ms Demeanour said...

I know it's scary and tragic but this sort of thing happens back where I come so often. At least the authorities were quick to act - they've already charged 3 of the killers.