Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cheap thrills don’t come cheap - filming up skirts is an expensive past time.

Two weeks ago a man was caught filming up a lady’s skirt in the Kinokuniya book store in Bugis Junction*.

Apparently the women noticed the guy using his mobile phone video to get footage of her panties and alerted her boyfriend. I probably would have alerted everyone and anyone who would listen.

A bookstore seems like a strange place to get your kicks but then I guess you never know where these pervs hang out. The man was alleged to be suffering from “emotional stress”. I wonder what sort of emotional stress makes you film up someone’s skirt? No sex? Self-destruction? 

Whatever it is you've got to be an idiot to not realise that doing something like this in Singapore is a very bad move. Emotional stress? Try being locked up for one year for getting your freak on.

In fact he was fined $4000 – could have been a lot worse as could have got up to a year plus a $10,000 fine. Most guys know there are many better and less expensive ways to get your kicks with the opposite sex.

Actually it seems this guy is a bit of an amateur. Back in 2007 a man was charged with 15 counts of using his digital camera to film up the skirts of unsuspecting ladies in only 2 hours. Wow - man on a mission! How on earth did he manage to clock up 15 in such a short space of time? 

Well, for those of you outside of Singapore, the answer is simple. Ladies here like to wear their skirts VERY short. So it’s actually not much of a challenge.

Anyway somehow the maths doesn’t quite work. One guy gets $10,000 for 15 videos and another gets $4,000 for one. I guess cheap thrills don’t come all that cheap any more! Maybe it's just down to inflation.

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