Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chickfest! So where DO all the chickens from?

Singapore has two favourite past times. One is shopping. And the other is eating. In fact, it almost feels like eating is the national sport. There seems to be an incessant flow of eating activity going on and I often wonder exactly what vast quantities of food are actually being consumed.

Take the humble chicken for example.

The average annual per capita consumption by continent goes roughly like this:

Asia: 7kg
Europe: 19kg
South America: 26kg
North America: 40 kg

Guess where Singapore sits in all this? A whopping 33kg that's where! Yes it's the fourth highest country in the world after Hong Kong, United States and Israel (well the latter I can understand as they can't pork or shellfish can they).

That's a hell of a lot of chooks chooks! In fact, it's 60 per cent of my body weight.

So where do all our feathered friends come from?

Before I answer this did you know that Asia produces the most poultry than any other continent in the world.

So how the hell does anyone produce that much chicken?

I am really hoping that the answer isn't this!


Anonymous said...

What's the SOURCE of your data on chicken consumption? My (Singaporean) wife thinks that's a lot of chicken!

Ms Demeanour said...

Hi Thomas thanks for dropping by. It is indeed a lot of chicken! Data taken from the following: