Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pole the other one!

Pole dancing is apparently fast becoming the latest craze in men's fitness sweeping over from the States and Singapore is catching on.

Why not?

It's great for core fitness, strength and flexibility so why should it just be the women that get to enjoy the benefits?

What if you're a guy that has a hidden talent just screaming to come out thanks to the call of the pole?

According to CNN Go if you're a guy and fancy bending yourself round a pole then Bobbi's Pole Studio is where it's at.

I'm down with that. That's cool. But if you ask me if it's sexy??? Well I'm a straight girl so what do you think? Maybe if I was a gay guy it would be an entirely different matter! Drop me a comment and let me know your verdict. 


Kuen said...

Not sexy at all. If it's a horizontal pole then maybe it makes more sense.

Ms Demeanour said...

Haha I'm not even sure if a horizontal pole would do it! ;)