Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Need some inspiration for brunch...well then shall we Mimo?

This one goes out to my Singapore readers. I know I have been dealing with some more serious subjects in my last few blog posts so now it's time for a food injection!

I don't know how long Mimo Kitchen and Bar  has been open for or how many of you in Sing have eaten there but I just discovered it and love it!

Who wouldn't want to go and eat somewhere that made you feel as if you were in a scene from Alice and Wonderland? Actually if this was in London you could almost imagine it in Notting Hill.

This place counts itself as being a "rabbit hole far away from the city's bustles". So where is this place? Well all you need to do to get to this "secret wonderland" is "skip down a mystical lane called Fairways Drive and follow its path to an enchanting hideout filled with delicious treats".

Pretty much spot on apart from the skipping bit as obviously we got a taxi there.

To fully appreciate the coolness and quirkiness of this place you have to sit inside. The furniture is made to look like it's been drawn with a marker pen, shabby-chic style (the pics don't really do it justice)..

and the music is a perfect mix of spacey, jazzy and laid back grooves for a Sunday brunch with a bit of a difference.

And the food is great! Perfectly presented and super yummy American fare and French cuisine.

Mr C had the fabulously presented and delicious burger plus the baked beans he has been longing for for many months...(so easily pleased by the simple pleasures!)

and I had the rosemary chicken with the best mashed potato I have had in a long time - even back in the UK!

And for once the food and ambiance is not ruined by bad service because it is good by Singapore standards! Yes you heard right!

Perfectly stuffed and satisfied, you can then mooch over to Bukit Timah Saddle Club and admire the beautiful horses. It's not quite the same as being in the British countryside but if you ignored the tropical plants and heat you might just be able to fool yourselves.

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