Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lazy in Langkawi

After a bout of island fever, I needed a change and so we decided to hop over to another island -  Langkawi - on Malaysia's West Coast for a back-to-basics break  for a couple of days.

Apparently the dry season is from November - April. Not while we were there it wasn't! It chucked it down pretty much the whole time. Boo!

Usually first thing on arrival  we hire a moped  to find all the little gems. But we weren't up for getting soaked, plus we forgot the drivers license! It ain't Thailand or Indonesia where anyone will lend you anything without a second thought.

So in times of drizzle or when it finally stopped raining at about 4pm in the afternoon, we did manage to get some stuff done apart from catching zzzzs but the main attractions of island hopping, mangroves, snorkeling, and cable car were a no-no.

We hired a taxi for 3 hours and headed up to the Crocodile Farm - home to more than 1,000 crocs. My goodness I have never been so close to so many crocs in my life. Some of these were 20ft long and just dying for you to have an accident and end up in their pool! I shuddered at the thought!

We watched the show which was basically two guys who looked like they really didn't want to be there  poking two crocodiles with a stick trying to get a reaction. Hmmm - less training more baiting.

Then we headed up to Termurun Waterfall, a beautiful 30 metre waterfall in the jungle. This was more my kind of getting at one with nature!

Once the rain went away we finally got a bit of beach time....

Langkawi isn't party central so it's more about nice dinners and cheap cocktails by the beach accompanied by beautiful sunsets.

Two little gems are...

1) The Lighthouse which is in - you guessed it - an old lighthouse! Fabulous view and great modern fusion food

2) The Yellow Cafe for its boho atmosphere, BBQ and cocktails

We also tried two things for the first time which I would recommend to anyone.

1) Fish Spa! Yes you see them everywhere in Sing but have you ever actually tried one? It's the most insane experience and in Langkawi it costs only 2SD or £1 for 10 mins. The first minute is the most crazy sensation (Mr C's face on the pic below sums it up!) with all these hungry little fish nibbling away at your feet. Once you get used to the sensation it actually becomes quite relaxing and even a bit mesmerising as you watch them get to work.

2) Para sailing. For 30SD or £15 you can get a 3km adrenaline shot as you are pinged up into the air super fast by a jet ski and then it's pretty much like you are flying over the sea with your parachute. Fantastic birds eye views and a surreal experience makes this a winner if you can master the landing so you don't end up in a tree.

You can do all this with a quick flight on Air Asia and staying at the Sunset Beach Resort, Pantai Tengah just down the way from where the action is at Pantai Cenang. The cottages are simple but are set among lovely greenery and water features and they have their own private beach including massage area where I had an awesome Traditional Malaysian massage.

It probably would have been more lovely that lazy Langkawi had it not been for the rain, but we all know no matter how much holiday prep you do, the weather is out of your hands.

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