Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So just how much has it been raining lately?

When I first moved to Singapore, I was warned about the rainy season but as the beginning of the most recent monsoon season (North East) kicked off I scoffed and thought...is this all you got for me? Just some heavy rain every other day? What's the difference to normal season then!?

Things starting cranking up a notch with some spectacular thunderstorms (did you know that  in Sing we have about 170 thunderstorms a year).

But if the three day straight rain extravaganza we've just experienced is anything to go by then I'm starting to pay attention to Mr Controller of the Rainy Season.

As everyone in Singapore can't failed to have noticed over the last few days, the Gods of Prosperity have obviously not been near a toilet for a very long time as they have been relieving themselves in vast quantities on our little island just in time for Chinese New Year.

Now all of you guys back in the UK moaning about the rain - you have seen nothing until you've seen it in Singapore. Yes OK it's still warm but this rain is mad mad fat tropical rain that you think might just sweep everyone away with it! And you can't see a damn thing out of the window either.

The fact is that you are probably mad or just very hungry if you want to go out in it unless you're in a taxi.

So how much rain are we actually talking? Areas on the East coast- for example Changi - have had 216mm but with wetter days ahead, I wonder whether we will be on track for smashing the highest daily total recorded for a Northeast Monsoon at 512.4 mm back in 1978. Place your bets please!

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