Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A tale of two bars

This is a tale of two bars in Singapore. One a well seasoned establishment, the other the new sexy kitten of the neighbourhood. Both are fabulous and here they are:

Martini Bar at mezza9 Grand Hyatt

Shaken not stirred...with over 30 martini types, the Grand Hyatt certainly means it when they say that this is a haven for martini drinkers. This is one of the most extensive martini menus I have ever encountered, and creative with that. Every martini is perfectly smooth, none of that too strong for a first drink nonsense -so you know you're on to a good thing here!

You could literally prop up the bar and sample every single one as the barman here has serious martini skills...

or if it's a week night, cherry pick off a couple. Some suggestions include the Lemon Custard (yes it tastes just like what it's supposed to), Hazelnut (complete with a martini drenched praline inside) or Coconut (made with fresh coconut - obviously!), all of which are seriously good.

and wash down with some Vietnamese rice paper rolls...


I always thought this was a really weird name for a bar - it made me think of burglars wearing balaclavas as I think they are the only people to wear them!

Once situated at Suntec City, it's now moved neighbourhoods to Orchard Way at ION which seems totally perfect for this super sleek bar.

Head for the car park, make your way over and slink through the automatic sliding doors and soak up the sexy surroundings against the backdrop of cool tunes.

We went on a school night so it's pretty quiet but if you want a cold glass of wine and a good catch up then it's just the ticket. Or save it for the weekend for a good shindig.

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