Monday, March 28, 2011

One maid too far? A Singapore solider enlists the help of his maid to carry his bag...

I couldn't resist doing a quick post on this. In Singapore it's pretty run of the mill to see maids carrying babies, walking dogs and the like. But carrying a national serviceman's field pack? This has got to be pushing the boundaries!

This photo was sent in to citizen journalism website STOMP and has been making waves across the net since.

It's just as well Singapore is not a country under immediate threat as if it were I'm sure soldiers from other nations would probably be licking their lips ready to feast by now!

While most net citizens are shocked and disgraced at this new found use for hired help, bizarrely I found one comment on a forum that said that the backlash was "Just sour grapes from those who do not have a maid to help carry the bag home during their time."

Now that's an interesting theory! 

Well if all those who could afford a maid to do this  had that attitude then maybe the photo would have looked something more like this.

But to be fair, the soldier did not violate any rules (but then who would think you needed to write a rule to deal with maids carrying your bags?!). In any case, the Singapore Armed Forces are reportedly investigating the circumstances.


Anonymous said...

Why should this invoke outrage? It is well-known that many SAF men get their mums and "aunties" to pick them up in their BMWs and Mercedeses from the bases to go home for the weekend, even though there is adequate public transport in Singapore. Walking is just too tough for them.

Ms Demeanour said...

I'm not really sure that being picked up by your mum or aunty is in the same league as having your maid carry your backpack, but that's just my personal opinion!