Friday, April 1, 2011

Let's talk about brunch baby

Back on the brunch trail...these are two very different but equally great places to enjoy a stellar brunch in Singapore which I've tried of late: one a more traditional menu, the other with a Mediterranean/Moroccan/Middle Eastern-inspired twist; one set against a back-drop that is not a million miles away from Monte Carlo's marina, the other a a breezy rustic Sydney feel to it. Which do you prefer?

A great place for a lazy Sunday brunch tucked away at Keppel Island at No. 2 Keppel Bay Vista where you can watch the chi chi and boats in the marina shimmer in the sun.

Though I was really tempted by the pancakes which looked awesome, I'm afraid Mr C and I predictably opted for the eggs Benny and Florentine which were lip-smacking good.

Mr C was chuffed as he finally got his side of baked beans!

Once you've stuffed yourself silly you can work of a fraction of the calories by taking a walk around and soaking up the view, which includes Reflections at Keppel Bay, a condo currently in construction as designed by iconic American architect Daniel Libeskind.

(This mammoth boats seems to be trying to steal it's thunder here)

Anyway well done to Prive for recently winning the IS Magazine Reader's Choice Awards 2011 in best brunch category.

Artichoke Cafe

Despite the quite bizarre service that is in existence in this lovely eatery (which I'm starting to accept might just be part of it's character), I've been here twice in the last couple of months because the food here is creative and so good. Plus it's housed in such a cool little space.

Artichoke can be a little bit confusing to find as it nestles at the back of the courtyard of Sculpture Square on  Middle Road.

But once you get there you are rewarded with a menu that is infused with influences from Spain, Morocco, the Middle East and Greece and it makes for brunch with a welcomed twist.

I am a halloumi nut and couldn't contain my excitement when I saw my beloved squeaky cheese was being served up on a bed of ciabatta and fiendishly good mushrooms.

Missy E accompanied me on my first foray and she ordered the slow baked eggs with smoked salmon - a picture says a thousand words...

Our second visit we dragged Mr C along and we all fully immersed ourselves in the Middle-Eastern/Moroccan vibe.

I was little bit dubious about having the shakshusha with lamb.Two reasons - I don't remember any shakshusha I ever ate in my formative years tasting that great. And two - LAMB and shakshusha??! What is all that about??!

By the way if you are wondering what on earth this strange sounding shakshusha is it's eggs cooked in a sauce of tomatoes, peppers, onions, and spices. I know it well from my Israeli roots and I can't believe that it's found it's way to Singapore!

Anyway sometimes you just have to go with it and this was one of those times - and no regrets there.. my taste buds were having a happy carnival all of their own!

Now please accept my apologies but  I can't quite remember what Mr C had apart from that it contained beans, lamb sausages, egg, was totally mouth-watering and looked like this...

Ahhh brunch in Singapore - thankfully there seems to be no end of choices in sight! More soon. :)


adele said...

was led to your blog by Artichoke Cafe's Facebook Page's feed, good list :) will be following!

Ms Demeanour said...

Hey Adele - nice to meet you! Glad you like the list. Like your blog btw! Not checked out Hummerston's yet but it's in my hood and next on my list :)