Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day Tripping: Big Sister's Island

Back in London, 15 minutes used to get me...well quite frankly - nowhere.  But in Singapore, 15 minutes on a boat can get you to Big Sister's Island a.k.a Pulau Subar Laut.
For about $30SGD per person for a two-way ride, if you can round up 12 of your friends, you can charter your very own cool-in-a-retro-kind-of-way bum boat departing from Marina South pier courtesy of  Singapore Island Cruise and leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind you (but still be able to see it in the distance from the island!).
As you walk off the boat and take in the scenery, you really do feel like you have discovered a little piece of paradise, just a stone's throw away from Singapore (well that is if you ignore the tankers in the sea).
We had the island pretty much to ourselves the whole day apart from one other small group who we didn't notice until we were walking back to the jetty. Well, that is if you don't count the colony of monkeys who busy themselves with picking through the bins, fighting, mating, going to the toilet and sparring with the resident Komodo Dragon  all in full view providing fantastic entertainment for the day.
But seriously, these guys can get a little up close and personal at times and while the keepers of the island try to keep them at bay every now and then, we were quite pleased to stumble upon this monkey stick (or Monkey 2000 as it became known and as modelled by Mr P) to make sure they didn't get too close for comfort!
Apart from toilets, a BBQ station and huts to shelter under, if you are thinking about a trip to Big Sister's Island be aware that there is nothing else there so come prepared with food, drinks, games, toilet paper and whatever else you fancy to make the visit your own. But we suggest taking all your rubbish to a bin on mainland so that your packaging does not go astray and cause harm to the monkeys or the sea life.

Should this be part of your Singapore bucket list? Without a doubt it should be.


andry yudha said...

a very interesting island. in Indonesia, the same island is Tidung island in the archipelago thousand, jakarta, I think it's nice and very amazing

but i like SINGAPORE ,,,,

Ms Demeanour said...

Hey Andry - thanks for your comment. :) Glad you like Singapore :). Hope I get to check out Tidung island one day - is it easy to get to from Jakarta?