Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Five Cs of Singapore

I love being on a constant learning curve about Singapore and there's no better way to do this than by opening your ears over coffee and random chat with a friend.

Probably most of you living in Singapore already know about the "Five Cs of Singapore". But it was only today I knew such a thing existed. Silly Ang Mo girl.

I actually thought this was a joke at first! I don't know why I was so surprised that such a  phrase existed but there you go.

For my readers outside Singapore/who don't know what the 5 Cs are, here's a quick run down for you....


No explanation needed here.


High taxation on the import and ownership of motor vehicles (191% on new vehicles, an annual road tax based on engine size, and high pump prices) and a vehicle quota system known as the Certificate of Entitlement has not put off 1 in 10 of the population making the car the ultimate status symbol.


Yes flashing the plastic has apparently never been so popular. Earlier this year it was reported that the number of credit cards issued topped the six million mark for the first time which works out as six to seven cards per eligible cardholder.


Luxury on your lap. Who doesn't want to come home to somewhere feeling like you're on holiday 24/7  with swimming pool, tennis courts, landscaped gardens, clubhouse and air-conditioned gym?


WTF!? This one made me chuckle. The country club - of course how silly of me! A necessary luxury. Pah!

Last year, Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong called on Singaporeans to recast their own Singapore dream and live it. A dream which is spelled out with 5 very different Cs - career, comfort, children, consideration and charity.

Actually there are very many people in Singapore for who not only are the original 5 Cs getting increasingly out of reach and also by some people's standards - out of control, but whose way of life quite frankly couldn't be any further removed from.

So will the original 5 Cs  be replaced in people's minds by a more realistic vision and lifestyle? Or perhaps you have another idea of what the 5 Cs of Singapore should be? If you do, leave a comment with your suggestions. :)


Marshy said...

I laughed when I discovered this too. And you're right, some of the lavish lifestyles are quite far-flung in this part of the world.

Merlin Stone said...

How about Chinese, centralised, clamouring, crowded, clammy

Ms Demeanour said...

That's a good one! More realistic than some of the far-flung lifestyles don't you both agree?