Monday, May 2, 2011

Singapore's Secret Supper Club

Before I left London for Singapore, I was dying to get to one of the city's hidden home bistros, but never quite made it. So I was delighted to learn about Ping's Kitchen, Singapore's very own underground eatery hosted by none other than Ping.

I had no idea what to expect as I eagerly turned up at the location for this private dining experience. I was intrigued as Missy E (my regular partner in foodie crime) and I walked up to the beautiful black and white colonial terraced house in Newton.
Ping's Kitchen is not just about food - it's about celebrating organic food that nurtures the mind, body and soul, and tastes damn fine at the same time.

And Ping herself welcomes you into the warm atmosphere of her and her partner's home, getting to know you and the select few other guests over a glass of wine in between putting together the final touches to the food and you mooching around taking in the various cool artifacts scattered throughout their house.

There is something wonderful about being cooked for by a then complete stranger in their own home, dining with other complete strangers but bonding over food, wine and good conversation throughout the course of the evening.

And it's even better that every course is prepared with your health and well being in mind. Who could argue against healthy indulgence! Not I that's for sure.

Now on to the most important part - the food.

Who could have thought that a simple pasta Arrabiata made with organic rice pasta could taste soooo good? Well after Ping works her magic on it it does!

The starter was followed by a main of organic chicken, avocado and asparagus and baby sweetcorn medley. This was one healthy chicken bursting with flavour having been lovingly massaged by Ping and marinated over night.

It's not often I can enjoy 3 courses without feeling like I've eaten a truck load of food and wanting to slide into a food coma but with Ping's wholesome cooking you feel like you can eat everything and more so on we went to pudding - date and honey cake which was truly delicious minus the sin.

The experience is wonderful and although perhaps a little pricey at $70 per head, you pay for what you won't get in most restaurants - food prepared with thought, tender loving care and well being in mind combined with a fantastic experience with wonderful strangers.

To find out more about Ping's Kitchen and to try out a recipe or two visit

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