Friday, May 6, 2011

Thriller Live in Singapore

Last night I was very excited to be heading down to The Grand Theatre at Marina Bay Sands to see Thriller Live. I grew up on Michael Jackson, and being a child of the 80s I spent many an hour repeatedly playing Man in The Mirror over and over and over again and prancing around the living room to BAD.

So I was pretty excited that I was going to have over two hours of non-stop songs from the legend Michael from his early years in the Jackson Five, to his soul brother disco years, through to his Thriller, BAD and Dangerous albums. Now let's admire all the album covers...

The show has taken the globe by storm, scoring rave reviews and promising to have you dancing in the isles. So I thought "YEAH!!!!!".

OK now you have to remember that this is a TRIBUTE only but with the great one now in another land, if you use your imagination a little bit when watching performances like Smooth Criminal you could almost delude yourself into thinking  you were watching the real thing - ok not at slick (come on you know MJ was a perfectionist!) and with a more filled out version of Michael Jackson but that's better than a poke in the eye!

Anyway it went something like this...

So a great show but do you know what really sucked? The audience!!! When you go and see shows like this in London's West End and Broadway, people are up on their feet dancing.

Well in Singapore you can forget about that. Yes it's Friday night and everyone is watching Thriller Live like...well, like they were watching paint dry. WTF!!!?

 I seriously wondered whether we were all watching the same show. When I mentioned my observation to Mr C he said "yeah, well it's just like listening to all his albums".  Well we paid $130 a ticket and that's a pretty expensive way of listening to his albums if you ask me. You'd be better off sitting in front of You Tube at home for a couple of hours as far as I'm concerned!

I mean really how can you not want to get up and throw some shapes to classics like Boogie Nights, I want You Back, The Way You Make Me Feel, Smooth Criminal, Billie Jean or Thriller?! OK most of you were forced to get up at the very last song but really - MJ would have been turning in his grave!

Anyway, boring audience aside, it's a great show and evening's entertainment and it's on for another  week so bag your tickets here.

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Merlin Stone said...

Don't forget, London has not only got the best shows in the world (along with NY) but also the best audiences, who come from all over the world to enjoy London and the best it can offer. They are up for a good time. When we went to see Thriller Live in London, the audience were up and at it all the way through, including the encores.