Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Singapore's oldest English pub

Yup I know this is probably not news for anyone living in Singapore reading this but I was super excited to learn that there was an English pub - and not just any old English pub but Singapore's oldest English pub - in my neighbourhood, River Valley.

We were feeling a bit nostalgic and in need of a bit of Brit so could not believe it when we walked into The Yard at 294 River Valley Road . We seriously had never noticed this place so thought perhaps it had shut down. But no, this place has been around since 1983 and lives on strong.

Apparently The Yard was set up by a husband and wife duo - he was inspired from his time studying in the UK, and then they spent $400,000 doing it up to look like the real thing (a lot of money back then!). And boy does it. It's a totally surreal experience walking in off River Valley Road in your usual sweaty state and stepping into the cosiness of an English pub. I swear I could have been in a London boozer. I had to pinch myself.

It had all the right interior, curios and paraphernalia ...

Plus requisite pool table..

and darts board ..

and even this brilliant little fax machine and gramophone...

You can even get a pint of London Pride if so tickles your fancy. We were more about a good old orange juice and lemonade, Hoegaarden and old school board game.

It's a great place to step out of time and remember your Brit roots if you happen to be one - or just pretend to be one for the evening.


Kuen said...

Haha i think that's not a fax machine but a public telephone we used to use back in the 80s and early 90s

Ms Demeanour said...

Aha! I love that piece even more now that I know it's an old public telephone. Always learning...:)

Chaozhouzi said...

There is a name for that public telephone. It is called a coinaphone.

Ms Demeanour said...

Thanks Chaozhouzi coinphone is what we used to call them back in the UK but coinaphone is a slightly different version that I haven't heard before. :)