Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fatboy Slim Rocks the House @ Zouk

When I heard that Fatboy Slim was coming to Sing I could barely contain my excitement. The last time I managed to catch him was at the Big Beach Boutique in Brighton (his signature festival and creation) and then we had to go and sit in a pub near a loo because a good friend of mine had trouble down below (you know who you are if you're reading this).

Yes for a music scene that can be a bit like tumbleweed at times compared to London we've been spoilt of late in Singapore - last month with Norman Jay bringing his good time vibes and now this?! Must be something in the air with the Normans.

Due to come on at 11pm, FBS didn't hit the decks until 12.30am by which time everyone was wired like a spring and ready to go. Zouk went from just a few people floating around to a complete pumping mosh pit - and hurrah! This time it wasn't full of the usual boy scouts (I'm a Velvet Underground gal myself).

I've got to take my hat off to good old Norman Cook - with his acid lime green shirt which would look more at home in Tenerife, you could see the sheer ecstasy oozing out of every pore at DJing  sober since beating alcoholism.

In a recent interview he shared his secret...

"There's a thing I learnt in rehab called euphoric recall which is where you've got so much serotonin going on in your head from the parties you've had before," he explained.

"I just get carried away when I see other people partying."

For sure he did. And it makes for a phenomenal connection with the crowd as he dropped a tune then waved his hands up in the air like he was conducting an orchestra of people going crazy on the floor. You have to squint a little to see it in this video...

And he drove us crazy by dropping legendary tunes like Rock the Kasbah in the mix. Genius....

Someone told me FBS is for oldies. Well if that makes me an oldie, then I don't care!

With thanks to the two people who posted these vids on YouTube - ajtmoses and Lattsman.

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