Thursday, June 9, 2011

The things we do for charity aka Le Flea Boutique

Recently my spare time has been taken up with:

A. Begging for and racing around the island like a crazy woman, collecting pre-loved clothes, shoes, bags and accessories from friends, friends of friends and total strangers in random places, sweaty profusely while doing so.

B. Sorting, pricing, spraying, piling, shooting and modelling (because nobody else would!), and putting away the fabulous eclectic mix of items all those women have generously donated.
Which is why I have been a bit lame on the blogging front recently. I hope you'll excuse me! 

Yes only mental me would decide to do this but I wouldn't change it for the world. So what on earth would I decide to do such a crazy thing?

I had a brainwave the other day that items shrinking into the back of ladies’ wardrobes because they couldn’t part with them unless they were going to a good new home could have huge potential for doing good for the charity I volunteer with here in Singapore - Action for AIDS.

Also, in my humble opinion the flea markets I've been to here have are missing some of that cute, nostalgic ambiance of those back home in London. 

So Le Flea Boutique was born. And with it I wanted to delight women with
diverse pieces generously donated by women across Singapore which blend  different styles, tastes and sizes.  But more importantly, I wanted to transport them to a different shopping experience at the 1920s inspired bar Speakeasy @ Blair Road who agreed to be the venue sponsor. Hooray!

So now it's time to show some of  the results all these crazed activities with a few of my favourite shots of items going on sale at rock bottom prices at Le Flea Boutique on Tuesday 12th July, 4-9pm. 

I started out from being very camera shy and wanting to hide my face....

But as I got rumbled as the model on Facebook I thought - what the hell! Might as well come to the party face n all....

And then by the time we finished I was pretty happy prancing around amongst the foliage playing hide and seek...

Then Little Miss K - stylist and photographer on the later shoots - and I almost fell out over this one. It took me a while to see the funny side of this shot - or was it because I practically morphed into Mamma Stone on this one??! Actually I only joke - I hope I look like her if and when I hit my 60s.

 Then somehow we even managed to through a life buoy and dog into the equation with this one....

Entry to Le Flea Boutique is $5 per person and by RSVP on Facebook only here.  Please gather your girlfriends and come along to support and snap up some fab pre-loved pieces for your wardrobe because ALL proceeds are going towards Action for AIDS' work to educate and protect people against HIV/AIDS and that's got to feel good right?

And for every cocktail you sup a portion of the proceeds will also go towards the cause. 

For additional photographs and information on items in the shoot please check the Facebook event page.

Also I want to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all those who have donated and helped me get this show on the road - you know who you are if you're reading this!


Kuen said...

:D I wouldn't have realized you were the model in those pics if i haven't looked closely. Good job!

Ms Demeanour said...

Good job of covering up with sunglasses! ;)