Friday, August 19, 2011

Fancy a bit of the guy next door?

The other day it dawned on me that before we know it it would be September and then like a flash in a plan it would be 2012! My how time flies. But the new year brings many good things excuse to buy a new calendar! You may be wondering whether I've lost my mind and why I'm waffling on about new calendars in August.

Well....let me explain.

For the ladies, guys that dig guys and everything else often do you get to see in the new year with 12 wholesome guys of your very own cherry picked out of over 50 candidates? OK OK when I say your very own, they are not actually going to be standing in your kitchen waiting with a cup of coffee for you in the morning,  but featured in a wall calendar called Guys Next Door coming out next week.
The calendar  is a celebration of  the metrosexual guy going about his daily life in various settings. I'm a big fan of the metrosexual guy so nice one boys!

It includes shots of them waking up and preparing for work, exercising at the gym, having fun at the beach to  winding down at the local spa and even baking in the kitchen. It's creators bill it as "a reflection of the modern man who knows how to strike a balance between work and play".

You can check out the making of the calendar at their blog here including more rough cuts like these...

- oh la la - as well as outdoor location raw footage and the lucky lads being cast.

But apart from all this, what is even better is not only can you start the year with these 12 lovely guys, but also for  every calendar sold S$1 will also be donated to Action for AIDS Singapore. So get busy buying!

The calendar will be officially launched on 25 August in conjunction with the Pink opening night of EQUUS (a play made famous by Daniel Radcliff when he first got his kit off to sold-out houses in London in 2007) with an autograph and phototaking session with eight of the lovely models at the Drama Centre Theatre National Library

And if you miss that, the calendar and five of the models will also be featured during a food and wine tasting event organised by on 27 August at Talent Cafe, a new bistro located at Tras Street (which I am a big fan of).

The calendar is available to purchase online at here.

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