Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Creepy men on Facebook

Facebook. I use it pretty much every day.  But since I’ve moved to Singapore, it’s taken on a new meaning.

What am I talking about?

About once a week now, I get some sort of weird message from some guy who appears to be trying to chat me up on Facebook.

Yes these days I never quite know what is going to be in my once oh so familiar inbox....

I have no clue who these people are. It started since I moved to Singapore. Their chat up lines are seriously whack and probably being sent to lots more chicks like me in a hopeful scatter gun approach. Or maybe they are scams though what they are trying to scam I have no idea.

Obviously sometimes you get the plain old “Hi, how are you?” – yup 0/10 for effort there.

But every now and then you get a real beauty and I’d like to share a couple of these gems that I’ve received in the last couple of months here:

"Am Fred Scott from California USA.I am single. A friend introduced me to Facebook to meet people and for a new relationship, when i was going through pics and profiles, yours captured my mind,you look wonderful,. please i will love to know you more and tell you more about myself. i think we can communicate easily using instant yahoo messenger, my id is frscott101@yahoo.com, i will love to have yours too. have a good day, am expecting a reply from you."

You captured my mind? PUKE! 

"Dear Talya!!!
Came across u r alluring n impressive profile on FB..
Thought abt conveying and wld be a pleasure to connect to a charming persona like u!!
Abt me, I am mgmt grad & an entrepreneur running my Infrastructure consultancy orgn.
Wld love to get in touch n know u!!
Look fwd to hear from u
Love, Vikram !!!
P.S: With all respect very gorgeous n amiable pic"

Ah bless. He's like an excited puppy.

"Love is immeasurable and something you cannot do without.Earth is Created through love and i know sure that One love keeps people together.
I have just check your profile and i am really interested in you and i will like to know more of you.
Please feel free to mail me back.

Wow - creepy!

"It's a lovely profile and pix you've got...I'm new to this site and here to find TRUE LOVE...I would like to know more about you if you don't mind?...You might be the special one i've been longing to meet all my life...

My name is Michael Shropshire. am 55 yrs old, I am Originally from Italy,I've an Italian Accent,I am the only child of my parent,I've no Siblings.I have a daughter,named Jen 17years old..i was Once married to a Loving and caring woman until the untimely death took her away from me,so i am looking for a serious and long term Relationship that will lead to marriage.I studied chemical Engineering and into Oil and Gas,working on contract basis under Oil and Natural Gas Corporation.

Will love to read from you ASAP...Take care,


True love?!! Italian accent?! How could I refuse? Actually this one looked like quite a nice catch for my mum and I was tempted to reply on that basis.

Anyway, I’m sure these people are hugely fake but fake or real how on earth can these people think anyone is going to be hooked in by these emails?

Anyhow, it always gives me a good chuckle every time I receive one so I hope it gave you a good one too.

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kitchen slave said...

HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! you captured my mind too babe :)